What are the Top Things You Should Look for in an Accessory Dwelling Unit Building Contractor?

An accessory dwelling unit is a simple and old idea. Usually built in a home backyard, an accessory dwelling unit or ADU can be an excellent way to accommodate a family. ADU is allowed to have a separate entrance or detached from a home. More importantly, state laws also allow garage conversion in terms of an accessory dwelling unit.

To be precise, ADU is a regular single-family house, such as an apartment over a garage, a small house in the backyard, a basement apartment, etc.

So, if you are a homeowner and want to build an ADU on your property, hire an accessory dwelling unit contractor who can build a perfect ADU that must meet your purposes. But make sure to hire the right accessory dwelling contractor lest the contractor should break your ADU construction process.

Look for these things in the ADU builder.


The longer an ADU builder has been in business, the more likely it is the builder will do a good job for you. However, there is even more to consider. Like, do not just stop at asking them how long the builder has been in construction or how many ADU projects they’ve done. Try to know how long the accessory dwelling unit contractor has been working in the local areas of Los Angeles. Tell them to show you similar ADU projects they have done. Ask them how active they are in their community, which means the more invested a contractor is in the community, the more likely they have built strong relationships with reliable subcontractors, suppliers, craftsmen, and local city officials.

Work Specialization

Always hire an accessory dwelling unit specialist. A builder who has done it before will have more grasp and specialization in designing and building an ADU. You can expect that builder will have a proven, well-mapped process, as well as milestones in place, to manage your project and assure it gets done right. So, ask about the builder’s work specialization.


That the clients speak about a contractor is what you can believe. If you browse online for their client reviews, be sure that it will be a great place to start with and to know about their actual profile. Client reviews are a goldmine to known the truth or real value worth of a business in this case it is that of the ADU contractor.

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