Want to Remodel Your Bathroom? The Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends This Year

Want to transform your bath into a restful retreat? Looking for tips for making stylish surfaces and fixtures?

As hygiene continues to be top of mind during and after pandemic, high-traffic areas like bathrooms need to be easy-to-clean surfaces and have antimicrobial fixtures. Fortunately, bathroom remodeling trends this year include these items without sacrificing an iota of style.

Trend #1. Floating Vanities

There are many space-saving storage solutions with more customization options than ever before. You can fit sinks, faucets, and hardware with style. Get wall-mount bathroom vanities in a variety of configurations, from a complete unit with a countertop, sink and storage base. Those could be like a freestanding vanity without the legs to partial sets and entirely separate pieces. Floating vanities are easier to clean bathroom floors regardless of its setup.

Trend# 2. Large-Format Wall Tiles

Large format tiles are going to gain momentum in this year. This style can make a big impact on a space while displaying fewer grout lines. With fewer grout lines meaning less to clean, it will make slabs an especially hot choice for shower surrounds and provide an ideal setting.

Trend #3. Space-Savvy Soaking Tubs

Freestanding, flat-bottom tubs will be more popular than clawfoot models or more decorative bases. These simple tubs work well in any style of bath. However, separate tubs and showers are still the most popular bath layout, and showers continue to get larger.

Trend #4. Warm Colors and Durable Paint

In a bathroom, a fresh coat of paint in a new hue goes a long way to freshen up and start anew after a long year. The top colors of this year are vibrant and warm. You can have them mixed for the room that both starts and ends your day.

To Conclude:

You can have replacement tubs, bathtub-to-shower conversions, liners and more this year as upgrading or bathroom remodeling. But make sure to hire an experienced, licensed and insured bathroom remodeling contractor who can meet your expectations in budget and faster turnaround time.

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