Want to Modernize Your Bathroom? 3 Design Ideas for You!

Is your bathroom space small? Then, designing or redecorating your bathroom can be a daunting task.

No matter how big or tight your budget is, the possibilities are almost endless in any space. For homeowners who love a modern style, an old bathroom may be a source of constant frustration. If you use it every day, why not love your bathroom?

Here are 3 great bathroom remodeling ideas that can help modernize your bathroom, help modify your decor, no matter the size of your space or budget. These 3 ideas are picked up from the hottest trends of the year.

Keep it simple

One of the basic pillars of modern design is simplistic and uncomplicated spaces. So, consider the ways you can streamline your space to make it more cohesive. You can choose the subtle patterns, more muted colors, etc. This method works by removing the additional bottles and clutter from your vanity. You can create storage solutions that are both minimalistic and functional. You can also consider re-doing your cabinetry or adding shelving to the walls if you do not have the storage.


Your bathroom light is perhaps used by you each time you enter the room. But that might be the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to considering a bathroom renovation. You can replace the stock lighting with recessed lighting or modern chandelier. That will set the tone for your entire bathroom.


Modern spaces keep the walls a subdued shade. They use more additions of dark and wallpapered accent wall to transform an old look into a modern space. At Green Remodeling Solutions, we frequently recommend creating accent walls to add tone, depth, and texture to the room and help your clients do so. We also help them choose a material that is suitable for the bathroom’s warm and humid environment.

Many factors are responsible for the deterioration of a bathroom, including decades of hard scrubbing, years of exposure to steam, spills, moisture that causes rust, and foot traffic. With over 20 years of experience, we at Green Remodeling Solutions have helped residents of West Hollywood and San Fernando Valley.

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