Top 5 Bathroom Features of This Year We Can’t Wait to Try

From flooring to faucets, a number of new things about bathroom remodeling have come this year. By using them, you can refresh and reboot your bathroom ambience and convenience.

Bathroom is a place where all of your self-care rituals take place, where you love to spend time, whether simply brushing your teeth or soaking in the tub with your favorite book or a glass of wine. Convenience is the best term you can use for this room.

So, if you are in a mood to give your bathroom a makeover, get inspired by this year’s stylish bathroom features doing rounds these days as popular trends.

Trend#1: Statement Lighting 

Sconces are so not popular these days. You can opt for pendants or even a grand chandelier.

Trend#2: Subway Tile Gets a Splash of Color

Subway is here to stay. Now is the time with color. You can revamp your space to turn the subway brightly hued tiles.

Trend#3: Flora and Fauna

Having flora and fauna in the bathroom is a hugely nature inspired trend and that’s having a serious moment. You can take your cues from other trendy bathroom models designed contemporarily. You’d better consult bathroom remodeling experts who can show you their digital catalogues of bathroom designs and custom create bathroom design as per your specifications.

Trend#4: Graphic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is what’s hot for this year. You can wrap your walls in a classic print, and get the look of what modern bathrooms look like. The pin-striped paper for example is in vogue these days.

Trend#5: Get Block Bold Colors

Homeowners are these days being bolder with their color choices, cranking the volume right up to maximum with a single, all-over color. That’d include matching furniture and other products, such as taps or basins. A slight tonal change can help add definition, such as a blush basis opposite a hot pink wall, for example.

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