Top 3 Tips for Before Building New Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units are hot these days. ADUs offer a good option of transforming a space in the home backyard into an affordable, good design living space. Homeowners can generate an income and provide secure accommodation at the same time.

ADUs, also known as outbuilding, can function as anything from a home office to rental property or a workout studio. The accessory dwelling units and the residential property always share the same plot of land.

There are a number of advantages that a homeowner can leverage out of building an ADU, because it can allow them to use it for almost anything they want. From generating passive income through renting out their property or even creating affordable accommodation, ADUs can be of multi-purpose uses.

But when it comes to ADU construction and remodeling, there are a few things that homeowners must keep in mind before deciding to contact their nearest construction and remodeling company.

Here are 3 important tips for building accessory dwelling units.

Tip#1: Compliance with Property Regulations and Standards

If you are planning the construction of your new ADU, find out whether your property is suitable for building an ADU. Check your state’s property regulations as well as the standards on which your accessory dwelling units must comply with such as density, height, and distance.

Tip#2: Accessibility to your ADU

Checking with the site access to your ADU is important for various reasons. For example, if there is a fire, you should have a proper pathway to exit from the accessory dwelling units to a safe zone or to the street. The walkway between your ADU and the pavement has to be free from any obstructions, which could be like trashcan or other garden equipment that homeowners usually keep on their property.

Tip#3: Making the Most of Your Space

ADU is usually built on a small piece of land. So, saving space is a dominant factor while building an ADU. You can use furniture which favors a smaller space in a home, appliances which are mounted on the wall instead of resting on other fixtures. Go for fold-up furniture, a sleeper couch, etc. to add extra features to the ADU without creating clutter and discomfort.

To Conclude:

Construction and remodeling of accessory dwelling units can be exhausting to deal with. However, when you have a great ADU construction and remodeling team, you must get the best ADU while making the most of your space.

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