Top 3 Bathroom Remodeling Essentials and Needs

Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect time to not only upgrade your bathroom design and colour scheme, but also to add the latest in technology, accessories and other practical items to it to create the ultimate bathroom space.

Let’s cover the top 3-bathroom renovation essentials.

Shower Rose & Taps

Over the years, there have been several improvements in taps and shower roses. The two that stand out without doubt are mixer taps and adjustable shower roses.

Mixer taps are sleeker and streamlined than traditional separate hot and cold taps. Those allow greater control of water temperature and pressure. Find them in a large variety of designs, and those tend to suit any bathroom. Those can be used for vanities, baths and inside the shower recess. The mixer taps are a better option for the elderly, because they flick on and off with more ease than traditional taps.

The most flexible and efficient kind of shower roses are adjustable hand held shower roses on the market. You can adjust them easily to suit the height of any member of the family. Those also allow greater control of the direction of water spray. This kind of bathroom essential – shower roses – eases washing hair, shaving legs, cleaning the shower, even washing the family pet. Those come in a large variety of designs and colours to fit in any bathroom. You can have them combined with a luxurious rainfall shower head and even with a variety of water pressure settings to create a massage effect.

Wall Hung Vanities

Storage space in a bathroom is always a must. The vanity is where most turn to store their bathroom products, toiletries and makeup. Considering that, wall hung vanities are the latest in design and can create the appearance of more space by showing off more floor area. Find them in a variety of designs, colours and sizes. Getting a wall hung vanity added to your bathroom will create the appearance of more floor space and also make cleaning your floor an absolute breeze.

Recessed Mirrored Shaving Cabinets

Have a shaving cabinet in your bathroom to save space. They come in a variety of sizes and can completely replace your traditional vanity mirror. These are space saving in a bathroom, allowing you to store bath essentials as being recessed into the wall. It will not only increase the amount of storage within your bathroom but also add to the appearance of space making the room look larger.

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