Tips for Improving Your Kitchen Ergonomics

Kitchen ergonomics is important to you if you spend a lot of time cooking or cleaning up after meals. Do you often feel your kitchen is not spacious, and needs some remodels?

If your kitchen was not previously designed by an expert, make sure you get it done by an expert this time. And, you get your kitchen ergonomics improved. In order to do it, you may have to change the layout, install creative storage solutions, customize counter heights and make other upgrades. In doing so, you can make your kitchen a more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time.

Install Kitchen Layout to Improve Comfort
The layout of cooking, food prep and cleaning areas in the kitchen is known as kitchen triangle. There should be a minimum 3 to 9 foot of a separated space, but never to have less than 13 feet and no longer than 26 feet. You can then place your refrigerator and stove comfortably. Hire a kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles who can help you design a kitchen that meets these ergonomic standards.

Customize Counter Heights
Build standard counters with approximately 36-inches high, but this is not inclusive. People are not the same height and may need an extra tall or extra short different counter as per their convenience and comfort. Varying the height of your kitchen counters can ensure everyone in your household will have a comfortable surface on which to work.

Create Storage Solutions
You will need to spend too much time reaching and straining to remove things from cabinets in inconvenient locations due to poor use of storage space. Maybe, muscle injuries could cause permanent damage over time. You should hire a kitchen renovation contractor in Los Angeles to ensure your kitchen has plenty of cabinets and drawers in reachable locations. It will help you place used items in convenient storage areas.

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