Accessory dwelling units: The perfect addition to your encino home

Accessory dwelling units

Accessory dwelling units in Encino (ADUs) are standalone living spaces that can be built in backyards or basements, or inside of larger homes. They’re the perfect addition to Encino homes with sufficient space and function as an additional rental unit, home office, guest room, or family gathering place. Here are three features that make ADUs […]

Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles: 3 Reasons Why ADUs are So Popular?

accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles

Simple, but old-fashioned concept, an accessory dwelling unit is a home on the same grounds (or adjacent to) your regular single-family home, such as: The garage is converted into an apartment This tiny house is situated in the backyard (on a foundation) The basement apartment What is an ADU exactly? A self-contained accessory dwelling unit […]