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Solar Installation

Providing California with solar savings that start on day one. No upfront costs and flexible payment options. Saving you money and generating more powerSolar for $0 down.

California is an expensive state – which is why installing solar panels in your home can lead to huge savings. According to the energy department, a 5kW residential solar installation will cost around $16,000 or more depending on your needs. However, that will probably be all you spend for many years to come. Besides saving on your monthly electricity bills, you will see massive environmental savings and reduce your carbon footprint.
At Green Remodeling Solutions, we are all about going green and saving the environment. Whether you are on a budget or not, we recommend going solar to obtain the benefits of clean energy for years or decades to come.

Why Go Solar with Green Remodeling Solutions?

Most homeowners view solar as an escape from the hefty monthly electricity bills. With solar, you generate your clean power at home using the natural sunshine. With these monthly savings, your solar panels will pay for themselves in a few years.
In West Hollywood and San Fernando Valley, CA, you can expect abundant sunshine; and the same is true in most California parts. Granted, you will never run out of power on any day. Again, the electricity bills are high in California, which is why you need to install solar.
Better yet, if your home has solar installation, you qualify for Federal Investment Tax Credit. The net energy metering program in California allows you to sell any surplus electricity from your solar panels. There are so many great reasons to go solar.

Our Process

At Green Remodeling Solutions, we are here to ensure that you get the installation, repair, and other solar services. We are a licensed & insured local solar contractor and installer of integrated PV roofing systems. We are committed to providing solar power and integrating your business or home with clean solar energy.
As a licensed & insured company, we have the expertise and experience to install your solar systems for efficient performance seamlessly. Our experience in roofing systems gives us an edge when it comes to solar installation.

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For all your solar installations, repair, and any other solar services, call us at 800-503-8354, and we will be there to help you from choosing the right solar size for your home to installation and continued maintenance.

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