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Did you know that a fresh coat of paint can transform an old home into a spectacular new living space?

Home painting is the easiest of all home remodeling services, and you can do it without robbing the bank. If you are thinking of painting your home, you are not alone. In 2019, statistics projected that the United States needed 1.4 billion gallons of paint and coatings for new and old buildings.
You might need different painting jobs in your home, from changing the color of your sidings, ceiling, roof, and other areas, to removing chipped and cracked paint that makes your home look outdated. At Green Remodeling Solutions, we are here to help you get those smooth sidings that you always desire.

How We Do It?

Our process is simple but effective. We have the tool and the expertise to paint your walls and ceiling smooth within a few days. We spray and back roll the ceiling with two coats for the interior space to give it an even and smooth finish.
We apply a high-quality primer for the wooden surfaces regardless of whether they were earlier painted or not. If the previous paint job were poorly done, the primer would leave your wooden surfaces looking great. If the wooden surfaces were already pre-primed, we would sand the primer and then give them a second coat.
Your walls will also receive two coats of paint. We will sand the first coat to remove any rough surfaces and debris in the paint and then brush and roll the surface for a second coat.
Our exterior house painting involves brushing and back rolling the paint to give your home a smooth finish. We ensure that the paint gets into the crevices and cracks in your home to leave a seamless look.

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From a range of hundreds of colors to choose from, we will give your home a facelift that makes it look new. There are no hidden costs or added fees in our services. Call us today at 800-503-8354, and we will be there to assess your home and give you a free consultation. 

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