GRS Landscapes Gives You Award-Winning Landscape Management & Great Care.

Your outdoor living space is the heart of the home when summer comes, and you need to spend time outdoors. An excellent looking area comes in handy when you need to enjoy the shade during the day or sit by the fireplace looking at the stars at night.

At GRS, we ensure that your outdoor space is comfortable and beautiful enough to help relax your mind and body. While your flower beds and green areas may be in perfect condition, you need a quality hardscape to protect the flowers and the green areas and set a plan for your home. Masonry hardscape adds more features to your outdoor living space, including a fire pit, a water fountain, paths, planter beds, and many more.

Our landscaping team enjoys the creative challenge of designing a hardscape plan for your yard. We will help develop everything from simple planter beds to fully operational patio. At GRS, we will handle the design while seeking your approval at every stage, estimate the costs, schedule, and plan for the work, and build your dream look.

We offer our services for residential and commercial properties in West Hollywood, LA, and San Fernando Valley, CA.

Our Services – Among other projects, we take on:

  • Planter Bed – A masonry planter bed is long-lasting and adds a great look to your home or office premises. Call us today for different planter designs.
  • Native Stone – We offer native stone rock walls and dry-stacked walls to improve your yard’s functions and beauty.
  • Patios – Whether you need a remodel of your existing patio or need a new patio to add to the beauty of your yard, we will be there to design with you. We can add flagstones to give your space a natural feel and look.
  • Fire Pit – For those summer nights that you want to spend outdoors by the fire, we have you covered. The pit provides a warmer feel to your home, but it also adds to the beauty.


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“GRS Landscapes Gives You Award-Winning Landscape Management & Great Care.”


We handle all hardscape projects in your home to meet your outdoor living space beautiful and functional needs. Call us at 800-503-8354 for a free consultation. When you have a magnificent looking landscape, all you need is our services to add the hardscape and your home’s beauty will be complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you find what you need.

What is landscaping and why is it important?

Landscaping refers to the art and practice of modifying and enhancing the features of an outdoor area, such as a garden or yard, to create a visually appealing and functional space. It is important because it can improve the aesthetics of a property, increase its value, provide recreational areas, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

How do I choose the right plants for my landscape?

When choosing plants for your landscape, we will help you consider factors such as local climate, soil type, available sunlight, and the overall design theme you want to achieve. Explore the characteristics and needs of different plant species, including their growth habits, water requirements, and care requirements. Consulting with a professional landscape designer or gardener can also provide valuable advice.

What are some sustainable landscaping practices?

Sustainable landscaping involves using environmentally friendly techniques to create and maintain outdoor spaces. Some practices include conserving water through efficient irrigation systems, incorporating native plants that are adapted to the local climate and require less water, using organic fertilizers and pesticides, and implementing proper soil management techniques to promote healthy plant growth.

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