Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Tips for You

Makeovers in the kitchen are always popular. Through modern appliances and materials, they’re a great way to add functionality to what is, for many homeowners, the hub of the house. You can also use them to make your space more personal.

Would you like to update your smaller kitchen? A skilled kitchen remodeling contractor can still deliver big results. For your small kitchen remodeling project, here are a few ideas.

Tips For Remodeling A Small Kitchen

Consider whether your current layout meets your needs by taking a critical eye to it. It is important to work with a kitchen remodel contractor early on in the process so that you can determine whether or not you should keep your kitchen’s current footprint or start from scratch. In order to maximize even the smallest kitchen, there are a number of design considerations to consider.

Make your storage more strategic. If you keep dishes, cookware, and small appliances organized, your counters will stay clutter-free, giving the impression of more space. Traditional cabinets may not be the best choice for small kitchens where every square inch counts. Using drawers instead of lower cabinets makes it easier to stay organized and find what you need when you need it. Adding open shelving instead of upper cabinets also creates a more spacious appearance.

Reduce the size of your appliances – or hide them. A compact kitchen appliance can free up a lot of space. In addition, you can get panel-ready appliances that will match your cabinetry and create a seamless look by covering them with front panels. You create an impression of space by eliminating visual breaks.

Is It Possible To Redesign Or Expand A Small Kitchen?

A small kitchen can feel and look even smaller with enclosed spaces. An outside wall can be torn down to open up the kitchen into a dining room or living room. You can also expand your kitchen’s square footage by giving up part of another room.

You can also add an addition to your house. The kitchen itself could be expanded, or a dining nook could be built.

You can expect a significant increase in expenses when you expand your kitchen. In addition to materials and labor costs, you may have to move or add wiring, ventilation, and water lines.

A Small Kitchen Remodel: How Does It Work?

Renovating a kitchen, even a small one, can take a long time. Kitchen makeovers that focus primarily on cosmetics can be completed in three to four weeks. It can take between two and three months to complete a complete overhaul, which includes custom cabinetry and specialized components. If you anticipate delays due to back-ordered appliances or material shortages, add an additional 10 to 20% to your small kitchen contractor’s time estimate.

A temporary kitchen is often set up elsewhere in the house during this time. Microwaves, mini-fridges, and coffee stations are typically included. As a result, you can prepare a snack or a quick meal in a convenient location, which can save you money on takeout and restaurant meals.

You should hire a service before moving dishes, cookware, and food back into the kitchen, after the renovation is complete and you’ve inspected everything with your contractor.

What To Look For In A Kitchen Contractor

At Green Remodeling Solutions, you can easily find the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. We provide remodeling services for all budgets at affordable prices. Your kitchen will receive the full upgrade it deserves, no matter how high the renovation level is.

We specialize in kitchen face-lifts. With this little touch-up, you can give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank. Your cabinets may be refaced, have countertops replaced, backslashes installed, and old doors and drawers replaced.

For more details, contact us at Green Remodeling Solutions.


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