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If you’re like most people, your bathroom tends to be the most uninteresting room in your house. Many people don’t pay much attention to their bathroom remodeling services in Encino because they’re so focused on their kitchens or living rooms, but by taking a few small steps you can turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm and relaxation, rather than an afterthought in your home decorating plans.

Use these tips to transform your bathroom into the room everyone wants to spend time in!

1) Remove the vanity

If you’re trying to remodel your bathroom but don’t want it to look like something out of an IKEA catalog, ditch your old vanity and replace it with open storage.

Opt for simple bamboo shelves and use floating shelving instead of hanging cabinets. This clean, minimalist look is both functional and stylish. This offer is also given in kitchen remodeling services Encino

2) Add lighting

Installing extra lighting can give your bathroom an entirely new feel. Not only will it help you get ready for work or wake up in time for that big meeting, but brighter lights also force you to pay attention to your appearance, which can help encourage you to shower and maintain a more professional look throughout the day. Along with these, we provide landscaping services in Los Angeles.

3) Add plants

In addition to adding visual interest, houseplants offer aromatherapy benefits for your bathroom. Certain plants also absorb airborne toxins and improve indoor air quality.

According to NASA, common toxin-eating plants like English ivy and snake plants are best for bathrooms because they require low light levels, don’t mind dry conditions, and may prefer less humidity than other rooms in your home.


As the centerpiece of your home, your bathroom should be as beautiful and relaxing as it can be. Here are three ways to transform your boring bathroom into a relaxing oasis, so you can spend more time enjoying yourself, and less time worrying about how drab and boring your bathroom looks.

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