Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips for Selecting Bathroom Fixtures

Are you aware of how many options you have when selecting bathroom fixtures? What is the best choice for your bathroom? There are many factors to consider, from the functionality to the material color.

Faucet Functionality

The first step in choosing a new faucet is choosing the handle configuration that’s most convenient for you. Single-handle faucets are preferred by some people, while two-handle faucets are more comfortable for others.

The second step is to measure the countertop. You will be able to decide what type of faucet to install based on the size and design of your countertop.  A long counter may look worse with a small, single lever faucet rather than hardware with multiple handles to compensate for the larger surface area.

Spout height should also be considered. What type of spout do you prefer? Additionally, how far does the spout extend? When selecting a bathroom faucet, you should take all of these factors into account, advises an expert in bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles.

Double Handle vs. Single Handle

Your bathroom will look sleek and modern with single-handle faucets. The water from single-handle faucets can be controlled via a single handle, which controls the flow of hot or cold water through the faucet spout.

Your bathroom will have a more traditional appearance thanks to the two-handle faucet. There is a lever for the hot water supply as well as the cold water supply on two-handle fixtures. It is possible to adjust the spout’s flow rate to increase or decrease the desired temperature by adjusting each handle.

Vessel Faucets

Be careful when dealing with a vessel, which is a sink placed above the counter – the faucet should be high enough to reach over the top of a vessel if it is going to be mounted on the counter. In addition, ensure that the faucet is directing water to the correct location in the sink so there are no spout splashes.

Your selection may be limited depending on the vessel’s height. Verify that the spout can clear the barrier in the specifications. Measure the distance from the center of the spout to the center of the sink according to the specifications. Some vessels will have their own faucet. When you’re on top of the sink instead of trying to beat it, you’ve got a lot more flexibility.

Our recommendation at Green Remodeling Solutions is a four-inch spread rather than the separate eight-inch one if you are short on space. A great alternative for smaller bathrooms is having the faucet on the countertop.

Wall-Mount Faucets

Because wall-mounted faucets come out of the wall, they do not take up any counter space. Because of this, they can be used as vessels or on small countertops. Wall mount faucets have one concern: they require a separate valve, which goes into the wall. This makes repairs more difficult. Furthermore, they are more expensive.

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