Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Contrary to popular belief, temperatures don’t dip in the winter. The reason is Earth is farther away from the sun and is actually the farthest from the sun in July and closest to the sun in January.

So what does it mean for your solar panels when the temperatures drop?

Read on to find the answer to your questions about how a solar panel installation performs during the winter.

If you are asking “will solar panels work during winter in cold climates?” you are not alone. This is a commonly held belief that solar panels don’t work during the snowy season. But this is a myth.

Do solar panels work in snow?

Until solar panels are covered in snow for an extended period of time, solar panels also work during the winter, even in snow.

When this is true that heavy snowfall can cut down sunlight penetration, more and more electricity can be produced by your panels than you might think throughout the winter. If you see the premium solar panels, you will see that the silicon is covered by anti-reflective glass.

Anti-reflective glass is built to absorb maximum sunlight, which generates more electricity. That means solar panels also produce more heat from the sun than your roof surface. Snow is melted down by that heat more quickly than on your roof, keeping your solar system generating power even when heavy snow may still be on the ground.

Solar panel maintenance in winter

Solar panels are virtually maintenance-free once installed. This is the best thing about solar panels. It is equally applicable in the winter season too.

Those who live in an area that receives heavy winter storms, think polar vortex level. You will need to hire a solar panel installation in Los Angeles, maintenance professional to clean off any wet, heavy snow if you’re worried about roof safety.

Solar battery storage is an extremely important thing to consider. During winter as well as throughout the year, you need to store your energy regardless of day-to-day production. This will work by accumulating all the electricity your panels produce.

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