Consider These 5 Things Before Beginning Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling involves a variety of factors, some of them unexpected. Remodeling a bathroom is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. An investment of this magnitude requires careful consideration and research before diving in.

There are several aspects to consider prior to starting your bathroom remodeling checklist: budget, design, plumbing, and contractor. Before you start building your dream bathroom, read over these 3 considerations.

01: Assess your finances

Despite the fact that you can research average bathroom remodeling costs in your area, every remodeling project is different. Homeowners are likely to spend a wide range of amounts depending on the size of the space, the intensity of the project, and the quality of materials used. Ask for several estimates before beginning your remodel based on what you can afford. Be realistic in your expectations.

02: Take a look at the essentials

It depends on what you plan to replace and what accessories you want to include in the bathroom remodel. Cut the extras from your renovation plan if you want to design on a budget. Luxuries add polish to a room and are nice, but aren’t necessary to the room’s functionality.

03: Make sure you have a little extra on hand

Plumbing seems to go wrong if anything can go wrong. Your bathroom renovation could be impacted by plumbing issues, so it’s a good idea to leave a buffer to account for any unexpected expenses.

04: Paint vs. Tile

The walls of your bathroom can either be tiled or painted for a clean look, depending on your budget. If you want to save money, tile a specific area such as a vanity backsplash or shower walls. If you don’t have the budget for tiles, invest in high-quality paint that will keep moisture out and prevent mildew and mold growth.

05: Lighting

Consider color-corrected daylight fluorescent, LED, or halogen lights for a more natural white light in your bathroom remodeling checklist. The softer lighting will make grooming and makeup application easier since it is best to do both in natural light! If you layer tasks, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting in your bathroom, you will eliminate any unflattering shadows.


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