Bathroom Remodeling Trends: You’d Look out for in 2021

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Before you get started, take a look at which trends are setting in 2021. A mix of materials, neutral colors, bathroom sinks – all these steal the show.

A constant trend: jungle bathrooms! 

As always, those dreamy bathrooms, replete with luscious plants are still a craze. This trend is a part of the biophilic, interior design manifesto, which takes from nature and what nature has the best to offer, creating relaxing environments. You can convert one wall into a lush green wall, natural material for the ceramics, freestanding bath – all inspired by nature. You can choose calming whites, greens, and greys.

Matte White Fittings

It is rather an acquired taste. People are increasingly getting interested in matte white fittings in their bathrooms. Given the minimalist nature of the color, this look works well in contemporary and simple bathrooms.

Open Showers Are the Way to Go

We see there so many varieties of showers. But, the open-concept Italian showers are quite on-trend, particularly those that are multi-functional and fully equipped. They have an integrated bench, ambient lighting, misting system, anti-fog mirror, linear drain, etc. Add a tub in the shower area as a part of the new trend! Separate a shower/bath space from the rest of the bathroom with a glass wall. The benefit is it will give your bathroom a more spacious look. You can also separate walls with black frames, which will give the space a loft-like look.

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