Are you considering post COVID bathroom and kitchen renovations?

Covid situation was the reason many home improvement works were kept in limbo. Now that with this pandemic situation severity subdued to a great extent, and lockdown lifted, homeowners are thinking to renovate their kitchen, bathroom, and home inside and outside overall.

2 Renovation ideas for your home 

Kitchen and bathroom are some of the most popular renovations, because these are the functional areas of your home. You need to update these areas to make your daily life much more pleasant, and increase the value of your home. Take a look at some of the latest interior design trends for these two areas.

Kitchen design trends:

Black and white are a classic combination. This combination is making a comeback this time too. Black with white highlights or white with black highlights and this combo can add intrigue to any kitchen design. So, try to use long rectangular windows as your splash back or handcrafted organically textured tiles in a tonal colour is matched with real timber floors. That will give a magical ambiance in your kitchen.

Bathroom design ideas:

A fabulous spa-like bathroom is a luxury. All of us dream of owning such a bathroom. There are coloured basins against a more muted or neutral background, a frameless glass shower screen, open showers if necessary, and island vanities with lots of storage. Then there’s deep soaking tubs, brass or gold finishes, and travertine floors!

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