Accessory dwelling units: The perfect addition to your encino home

Accessory dwelling units in Encino (ADUs) are standalone living spaces that can be built in backyards or basements, or inside of larger homes. They’re the perfect addition to Encino homes with sufficient space and function as an additional rental unit, home office, guest room, or family gathering place. Here are three features that make ADUs the perfect accessory to your Encino home!

1) Fits Differently Sized Families

In today’s day and age, not every family unit is composed of a husband, wife, and two kids. Many families are finding themselves with one or more additional family members living under their roof.

By installing an accessory dwelling unit and solar panels installation Encino on your property, you can provide shelter for these extended family members without encroaching on your main home.

2) Allows Elderly Parents To Age In Place

An accessory unit can allow elderly parents or other loved ones to age in place, instead of having to move out of their homes and into assisted living facilities. This is a great way for families with little spare cash flow to maintain their family ties and keep costs down.

3) Reduces Homeowners Insurance

ADUs are an affordable way to add living space without increasing your homeowner’s insurance premium. This is due in part because they generally take up less square footage than standard additions and renovations.

Furthermore, the California Residential Code mandates that fire sprinklers be installed as a safety measure, which helps lower premiums. In general, adding on another unit doesn’t bring the same risks as a second-story addition or renovation that would increase the risk of accidents like falls or fires.


Accessory dwelling units and Landscaping Services in Los Angeles, are one of the hottest topics in Encino real estate today. ADUs have so many features that can complement your lifestyle and property value. If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing amenity, keep reading!

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