Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles: 3 Reasons Why ADUs are So Popular?

Simple, but old-fashioned concept, an accessory dwelling unit is a home on the same grounds (or adjacent to) your regular single-family home, such as:

  • The garage is converted into an apartment
  • This tiny house is situated in the backyard (on a foundation)
  • The basement apartment

What is an ADU exactly? A self-contained accessory dwelling unit is generally described as being attached to a one-family house. Depending on the state and area, average accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles may have a square footage of 600 to 1,200 square feet, and will have its own kitchenette, living area, and separate entrance, making it perfect for families, guests, or as a rental property to generate additional income.

ADUs have also become increasingly popular in many states, as they benefit neighborhoods, address the housing shortage, and provide income opportunities for residents. It is for these reasons that legislation has recently been passed in Los Angeles that permits building accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles on single-family homes zoned for single family units.

There are a few reasons as to why accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles are so popular.


The construction of ADUs provides flexible living options near governmental infrastructure (such as roads, sewers, and schools), and reduces the need for expanding infrastructure in far-flung regions of a developed metropolis.


The environmental footprint of ADUs is relatively low. There are 44% fewer ADUs per capita in new, detached homes than in new single-family homes. The average new ADU provides 33% less space per capita than a standard, new single family house. Construction, deconstruction, and habitation of smaller residential spaces uses less energy.


Unlike other new housing forms, ADUs don’t drastically change the character of a neighborhood, unlike other affordable housing options.

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