Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

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At GRS, we provide you with one of the most trending yet affordable and environmentally friendly homes in the world – an ADU. An accessory dwelling unit builds a self-contained unit located within the same compound of your property. These units can be small or big, but they are efficient enough to contain a good bathroom, impressive living room, and a kitchenette to boost.

At GRS, we make your accessory dwelling unit dreams come true by fixing any broken, old, or used section of the house or building a new one.

We believe in personal relationships, and therefore we are not going to send any salespeople to your house!

GSR doesn’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to construction. Instead, we use the opportunity to work with you to put our skills to the test. We will work with you to ensure your home – whether brand new or freshly renovated – reflects the best aspects of who you are. We want to make sure your dwelling unit building project exceeds all of your expectations. Whether you’re renovating your high-end kitchen or building your dreams’ brand-new home, give Green Remodeling Solutions (GSR) a call. We will help bring your “dream home” to life.


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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

If you need a general contractor for home remodeling activities, the Green Remodeling Solutions Company is at your service. Talk about major remodeling, kitchen remodeling, room additions, bathroom remodeling, and so forth, our team is dedicated to meeting customer satisfaction and beyond.

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Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), and what are its benefits?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as a granny flat, in-law suite, or backyard cottage, is a secondary housing unit located on the same property as a primary residence. ADUs provide additional living space and can be used for various purposes such as accommodating extended family members, generating rental income, or serving as a home office. ADUs offer benefits such as increased property value, additional housing options, and potential rental income.

Are ADUs permitted in my area, and what are the regulations involved?

ADU regulations vary by location, and it’s important to check with your local zoning and planning department to understand the specific requirements and restrictions in your area. Some common regulations include maximum size limits, parking requirements, setback requirements, and design guidelines. Our team can assist you in navigating the regulations and ensuring compliance with all applicable rules.

Do I need to obtain permits for the ADU construction?

Yes, obtaining permits is typically required for ADU construction. The specific permits and approvals needed will depend on your local building codes and regulations. Our team will guide you through the permitting process, assist in preparing the necessary documents, and ensure that all construction work adheres to the applicable codes and standards.

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