5 Simple Tips for Modernizing Your Bathroom in Los Angeles

The minimalist, modern bathroom of your dreams might not be achievable without major renovation, but these easy, quick changes will bring you pretty close.

01: Go Tank-less

Replace your floor-mounted toilet with one that mimics the look of a tank-less wall-mounted toilet. It’s easy to install, maybe, even with using a pencil, drill, hand saw, file, screwdriver, and caulk.

02: Update the Flooring

Your bathroom will come out looking more elegant and modern when you use natural stone tiles like travertine, marble, porcelain, and granite. Typically, you will find the same tile on the floor as the shower or bathtub surround in modern bathrooms. Vanity countertops are sometimes even tiled.

03: Change the Color Scheme

White or another neutral color was traditionally used for bathrooms. Adding a splash of color to the bathroom walls can help you stay on trend. In addition to jewel tones, powder blues and greens, matte blacks and browns are also trendy bathroom colours paired with light tile and chrome fixtures.

04: Improve the Lighting

Relaxation in the bathroom is greatly influenced by lighting. If your bathroom mirror has a single bulb or fluorescent light fixture, change it for downlights or wall-mounted fixtures. You can also install a dimmer switch to be able to adjust the lighting as needed. Dimmer for a relaxing soak in the tub and brighter while putting on makeup or shaving.

05: Install a Unique Mirror

Vanity tops in bathrooms usually have a piece of frameless glass in square or rectangle shape. Instead of that basic mirror, consider something ornate or fancy. Stunning mirror frames are available in a variety of styles, including bohemian and elegant. It can either be a simple, clean-lined frame or a shape or design that is unique. The combination of good lighting and a stylish vanity area is sure to impress anyone.

Green Remodeling Solutions has extensive experience handling all aspects of bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, from installing new flooring to replacing the toilet or tub.

Creating the bathroom of your dreams is our goal. When renovating your bathroom, there are several factors to consider, including adding a sink to accommodate growing families, switching the flooring type to control moisture permeability, and choosing the right countertop material. Depending on the space available, your requirements, and your budget, we will help you design the new bathroom.

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