5 Budget-friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Is your bathroom a little cramped? Do you feel that the fixtures are outdated and less functional? Would you like to change the appearance of your bathroom?

A few smart updates can bring a new look to your bathroom. Bathrooms don’t need a complete makeover – just creative thinking and budget-friendly suggestions for bathroom renovation California.

01: Bringing New Life to Your Claw-Foot Bathtub

There are times when an old tub simply needs to be rejuvenated. Consider reglazing rather than replacing your old timeless cast-iron claw-foot tub. Make the exterior a graphic focal point by painting it a deep or vibrant hue, or create a soft contrast between a white interior and a muted exterior, whatever works best for your space.

02: Take a Look at New Towel Racks

Using a coat rack from a flea market, hang towels within easy reach. If it is aged, make sure it is sealed under clear polyurethane. Put Shaker-style pegs on towels for a more classic look.

03: Install a Bathtub Surround

By paneling the exterior of the tub, you can give it a vintage appeal. The deck should be made of plywood covered with a sheet of waterproof laminate, and the edges should be capped with solid wood. Sides can be paneled with beadboard plywood, and the bottom can be skirted with baseboard. Make a rustic, rust proof bathtub surrounded by galvanized roof panels.

04: Design a Space for Two

Rather than purchasing an expensive new dresser, a tiled-back vintage washstand can double as a his-and-her vanity.

05: Carve a Curved Backsplash

Vanity cabinets with custom demilune backsplashes are reminiscent of vintage washstands. You can replace warp-prone wood with polymer sheets that you can cut with a jigsaw and never have to paint.

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