3 Ideas of Modern Bathroom Design

When you are remodeling your bathroom in a small space, designing or remodeling your bathroom can be a daunting task. The possibilities in any space are almost endless, regardless of your budget. Ancient bathrooms can be a source of frustration for homeowners who love a modern style. Since you use your bathroom every day, shouldn’t you enjoy it?

No matter the size of your bathroom or your budget, we have compiled a list of modern bathroom design ideas to inspire you. We have provided additional ideas and suggestions based on the hottest trends of the year for bathroom design trends.

Keep It Simple

Simplistic and uncomplicated spaces are central to modern design. Make your space more cohesive by incorporating patterns and muted colors.

Your vanity can even be decluttered by using this technique. Create functional and minimalist storage solutions. Think about adding shelving to the walls or re-doing your cabinetry if you do not have the storage.


When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the last thing that comes to mind is the light. It is a fixture you use every time you enter the room. By replacing the stock lighting with recessed or modern lighting, you can completely transform your bathroom.


By painting the cabinets and replacing the fixtures, you can match your vanity to the monochromatic palette. Making your sink chic and creating an anchor for the rest of the room is an inexpensive way to enhance your space.

Finishing touches such as hardware can make or break a bathroom’s design. If you are choosing gold or metallic features for your bathroom, make sure to select brushed gold or subdued metallic to stay in line with the modern look you are going for.


We see more accent walls that are dark and wallpapered, despite the fact that some modern spaces prefer subdued colored walls. A common request we get from our clients is to add texture and depth to their rooms by adding accent walls. Paneling, wood planking, bricks, tiles, paint, and even wallpaper can be used to create accent walls. The materials available to you are endless, and our project managers are able to help you choose the right one for your bathroom’s moist and warm environment.

You can increase the value of your home by remodelling your bathroom in Los Angeles (for those who are thinking of selling). You probably have outdated fixtures in your bathroom that aren’t functional in a modern home if your bathroom hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. No matter how much you clean your current bathtub, it may still look dirty and worn due to poor lighting.

Modernize Your Bathroom with Green Remodeling Solutions

Decades of hard scrubbing, years of exposure to steam, foot traffic, spills, and moisture that causes rust are just a few of the factors that contribute to the deterioration of a bathroom. Our company has served residents of West Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley for over 20 years.

We are well experienced in all areas of bathroom remodeling, from installing new floors, installing new toilets and tubs, to moving your walls to make your bathroom larger.

The bathroom you want can be created with our help. Remodeling a bathroom involves many factors, such as adding a sink for expanding families, changing the floor type to reduce moisture permeability, and choosing the right countertop material based on your budget and tastes. Based on your budget, needs, and space available, we will help you design the new bathroom.

Are you ready to start your dream bathroom remodel? Call 800 503-8354 today and let us transform your bathroom.

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