3 Enticing Garage Conversion Ideas You Can Use

Are you thinking of converting your loft into a living space? In order to help get you inspired to renovate your garage, we’re sharing our top garage conversion ideas with you.

A garage conversion will be enticing to potential home buyers and increase the value of your property if you add an extra bedroom or bathroom.

Let’s discuss some enticing garage conversion ideas. If you find any of them interesting and want to convert your garage, you can find a local garage conversion professional to help in Los Angeles.

Idea#1: Convert Garage into Comfortable Living Space:

Transform your unused garage into a comfortable and functional living space. In order to do it, switch out the garage door for a sliding door. You can also keep the door as it is and lock it normally if you think you want it to use as the garage for its intended use in the future. Opening up the garage door when the weather is nice will allow you to bring in the fresh air and natural light to your living space.

Idea#2: Open Floor Plan Conversion

If your garage extends off the back of your home, you can demolish the wall between your garage and the rest of your home. Thus, you can create an open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining. You can use the extra space to build a larger kitchen and living room, ideal for a large family. All the more, the natural light coming in from through the windows adds dimension and brightness to the room that would otherwise be missing.

Idea#3: Art Studio Conversion

If you like to pursue your love of art but find yourself lacking the space you need, transform your unused garage into an art studio. Thus, you can make your dream a reality. You can use simple wood flooring, white walls, wooden beams on the ceiling – just ideas. You’d better consult with a professional experienced in garage conversion.

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