3 Clear Sign You Should Remodel Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom constantly causing you to feel unsatisfied, leaving you endlessly whining about what annoys you? A completely renovated bathroom has been on your mind? No matter how big or small your bathroom renovation is, you likely have questions and concerns about keeping it functional, affordable, and attractive. Is a renovation of your bathroom going to require a permit? When it comes to bathroom renovations, what colors are ‘in’ at the moment? How do you tile? The first question you should ask is why do you need to remodel your bathroom?

If you’re considering bathroom makeovers or bathroom remodeling, there are some tell-tale signs. Bathroom renovations are often required because of outdated décor, damage accumulated over time, or a lack of storage. Our interior design experts for bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles share the three most obvious signs that your bathroom needs an upgrade, and we share some inspiring options, from luxurious tubs to inspiring shower stalls.

#1: Damaged and Outdated Tiles

There is nothing permanent in life. Bathroom tiles are no different. Bathroom tiles wear out over time due to wear and tear. As a result, they become discolored and possibly crack with time. When cracks and grout are not repaired on time, they can lead to mold growth, leaking, and other structural damage; this can cost a lot of money down the line.

Changing old tiles is also an option. Then you need to rethink them and make them appropriate for the moment. A nice idea is to create a design theme with a change in your existing tiles if they don’t match your home’s existing style.

#2. Changed Family Needs

Time changes the needs of people. Remodeling your bathroom may be one of the driving factors. A toddler has now joined the family and you have grown up. That could mean you need to reinstall that tub you pulled out before your child was born. The guest bathroom could be in need of an update after your aged parent moved in. Furthermore, teenagers may request a more spacious bathroom. It is always inconvenient to remodel, no matter what the reason.

#3: Leaks

You may not recognize the signs of water damage you can cause if you do not pay attention to it. Make sure there is no mold or mildew present. A leak must be investigated if these are present. In the toilet, sink and shower, you may see them.

Another headache is hard water.  Water lines can be damaged by this. Remember the sound of water running behind the walls? It’s possible that something has leaked. Brown stains, meanwhile, indicate water leaking from the ceiling of the room underneath a second-floor bathroom.

Who to Contact for Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles?

With over 20 years of experience, Green Remodeling Solutions has helped residents of Los Angeles.

Whether you’re looking to install new flooring, install a new toilet or tub, or move a wall to make more space in your bathroom, we’re well-versed in all aspects of bathroom remodeling.

Your dream bathroom can be created in partnership with us. You should consider many factors when renovating your bathroom, such as adding a sink to accommodate growing families, changing the flooring type to control moisture permeability, and choosing the right countertop material based on your taste and budget. Your new bathroom will be designed according to the available space, your requirements, and your budget.


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