3 Benefits of Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit to Your Property

Accessory dwelling units are also known as guest houses, or backyard cottages. They typically include their own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space and are built on the same property as the main home. Detached AUDs are the same concept, except they are detached from the main home and often are constructed on a different area of the property.

Purposes of building accessory dwelling units

The purpose of building an ADU on a property is a good decision when you have the space and funds to do so. See here 3 benefits to add an accessory dwelling unit to a property.

#1: Low-cost housing

AUDs are a perfect solution to housing for elderly family members who want to keep nearby. From maintaining their independence while staying close enough to you to providing help when they need assistance, AUDs can be a good concept to build a separate housing for elderly members of your family who can enjoy their life on their own terms as well as mingle with the family whenever they want.

#2: Space for Hosting Short-term Guests

If your friends or family relatives visit your place often, an AUD is the perfect spot for hosting them during their stay. It allows you to give them both space and privacy. So, building accessory dwelling units is a definitely good decision, especially if the only other alternative is offering up the couch or your own bed.

#3: Increased Property Value

Building an accessory dwelling unit can boost the resale value of your property. Surveys indicate that the majority of potential homeowners are interested in paying more for a home with an accessory dwelling unit on the property. It leads many homeowners to consider a cash-out refinance so they can make these improvements regardless of current cash flow.

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