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Construction, Home Improvement and Remodeling
Services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.
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Construction, Home Improvement and Remodeling
Services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.
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What sets us apart from other general contractors and builders is these fundamental vital aspects:

About our Company

Green Remodeling Solutions - Home Remodeling Services in Los Angeles

Here at Green Remodeling Solutions (GRS), we make all your wildest, yet beautiful interior design dreams come true. Our specialty is delivering exquisite building processes customized and efficient enough to meet every client’s expectations and needs.

GSR combines vision, talent, and superior customer service for all of your home building needs. Your dream home is possible. Many homeowners dread the thought of tedious painting, roofing, solar panels, landscaping, plumbing, and more. It all seems impossible and seems like a big headache. You are undoubtedly aware that your home reflects who you are or who you would like to be, and we want to help you love your home. Green Remodeling Solutions’ teams provide you with a stress-free experience, efficient, smooth, and reliable remodeling & builder experience.

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Green Remodeling Solutions
What sets us apart from other general contractors and builders is these fundamental vital aspects:

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At GRS, we fix or build everything that you request. All you have to do is give us a call at (800) 503-8354, and we will handle it from there. Our team of professionals works round the clock to provide a whole-house renovation or building service. Do you need any form of repair with the exterior or interior section of your home? Trust that you are in the most dependable renovation service in the world at GRS. When repairing your home essentials, whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, painting, or rebuilding, GRS experts specialize in remodeling and construction.

As a client, understand that no renovation is too small for our competent team. Most importantly, We offer our customers only the best, first-class renovation and quality service, and we look forward to working with you. Call us today to schedule a free consultation at (800) 503-8354


One of the most sensitive sections of your home is the kitchen. Your kitchen’s initial structure may be too old, and you need some creativity around it to add a fresh feeling of life. At GRS, we have over two decades of experience in kitchen remodeling, installing, cabinet refacing & Countertops. Anything you need for your kitchen, GRS has got it covered from beginning to end with zero consultation fees. We have clients from all over, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Lakewood, Torrance, Carson, Compton, and all LA Metro areas.

We will guide you every step of the way in the decision process and work with you to assess your requirements, discuss your goals, and ease any worries. As our client, we assure you that no matter how unique, imaginative, and almost impossible to pull your kitchen needs might be, GRS has it covered. Design Your Dream Kitchen With Us. Schedule Today!


Whatever the case, and no matter how large or small your bathroom project may be, you need to select a builder who will put as much time and dedication into your bathroom project as you would want. We know you’ve likely worked hard to plan out and save for the bathroom of your dreams. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise for anything less than perfection when getting the work done. GRS can fully rebuild your previous bathroom to a whole fresh look, which will impress your worst critics. Most importantly, our team is available around the clock. Our professionals are passionate about the job & all that you need to do for your bathroom remodeling project is call (800) 503-8354 and talk to our experts.

Bathroom Remodeling Pros Here, Get Free Estimates! Don’t Hire Just Anyone For Your Home. Call GSR.

At GRS, we provide you with one of the most trending yet affordable and environmentally friendly homes in the world – an ADU. An accessory dwelling unit builds a self-contained unit located within the same compound of your property. These units can be small or big, but they are efficient enough to contain a good bathroom, impressive living room, and a kitchenette to boost. At GRS, we make your accessory dwelling unit dreams come true by fixing any broken, old, or used section of the house or building a new one.

GSR doesn’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to construction. Instead, we use the opportunity to work with you to put our skills to the test. We will work with you to ensure your home – whether brand new or freshly renovated – reflects the best aspects of who you are. We want to make sure your dwelling unit building project exceeds all of your expectations. Whether you’re renovating your high-end kitchen or building your dreams’ brand-new home, give Green Remodeling Solutions (GSR) a call. We will help bring your “dream home” to life.

For many California homeowners who need more space, moving may not be the answer. Most room additions consist of extending your home’s size by adding the new room to an exterior wall. Popular room additions include bedrooms, dens, living rooms, dining rooms, and studies or studios, all depending on your family’s needs. 

Room additions have the objective of maximizing the use of your space. At GRS, we have competent experts who will stop at nothing to meet your room addition designs’ specifications. You can use several do-it-yourself ideas to maximize the value of additions within your home. As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself whether it is smart to build up or add out units within your property. Our Room Additions Services Include:

  • Room Expansions
  • Second Story Additions
  • Room Addition Inspections
  • Home Extension Construction

Contact us today at (800) 503-8354 and ask for your FREE estimate on any of our service and home additions.


Our top clients can prove that our paint and color services are top-notch. Our team consists of experts who deal with all types of home painting and commercial building paint services with over fifteen years of experience. Our team expresses good care in protecting your valuables during the project; therefore, you do not have to worry about your floors, furniture, other walls, etc. We are aware that our customers have different tastes, interests, and sensitivity levels when selecting their homes’ paint quality and colors. Therefore, we provide numerous alternatives so that all our clients have an incredible selection, where they can choose something to match their vision. All you have to do is contact us today at (800) 503-8354 and ask for your FREE estimate on our house painting service.

We Deliver Extraordinary Experiences! You’ll love how our new paint job transforms your home and ads a facelift. Green Remodeling Solutions Painters are indeed committed to care and quality. Superb Service. Excellent Reviews. Free Quotes. Free Color Consults. Free Remote Estimates.


Are you in need of GSR premium roof services? We provide excellent services to homeowners as well as business owners. Typically, your roof says a lot about your home. The roof of your home or business is one of the most significant parts because it protects your property from severe weather conditions and other factors that might negatively affect it. At present, there are numerous types and styles of roof materials. For that reason, you may find it tough to make a decision. We proudly provide customized solutions for roof repair & installation and are here to take care of your roofing needs in the most professional way possible. Our experienced team is well-versed in making roof aesthetic and durable with the finest craftsmanship and quality and are committed to delivering the services on time.

Green Remodeling Solutions also offers energy efficiency services. Our team will only use the top solar panels and batteries on your property. Just as in roof products, we provide different boards, including SunPower, LG, Panasonic, Silfab, Trina Solar & More. Most clients do not know so much about energy panels, so our energy efficiency department will educate clients about the various solar panels and their benefits. 

If you think it’s time to participate in the solar movement, give us a call & Start saving with Solar panels in the LA Metro area today! We are a locally situated business; we cooperate with the best solar and roofing designers, engineers, and consultants who have many years of accumulated experience. We have a highly-skilled team of expert solar technicians who will be quick to tend to your needs.

Apart from interior and exterior property design, we want your land to look attractive. Your landscaping is the first thing that your visitors or customers see. If you want an outdoor appearance that stands out, GSR is your ultimate solution because we offer several beautiful landscape designs, including masonry and hardscape. Our Los Angeles metro area clients enjoy our simplicity and modernity as showcased in all our landscaping work. We cater to the needs of every client.

Improve your property’s curb appeal and value with our landscaping service. At GSR, we service both commercial and residential properties in California. Our landscapers will work with your ideas while suggesting the best types of flowers, grass, foliage, brush, and trees. Our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure efficiency and safety, and our landscapers have undergone excellent training.

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At Green Remodeling Solutions, we specialize in giving homeowners the peace of mind they deserve during the remodeling process. We make sure that every step from A to Z is taken care of on our end to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience.

Typically, remodeling can seem like a headache. Our goal is to change how our clients feel about upgrading their homes by making it a pleasurable and fun experience. Your home is a reflection of yourself, and at GRS, we help you achieve precisely that. From simple jobs to full customizations, we will do right by you.

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